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Greg Milner, Founder of Worldwide Salon Marketing

Greg Milner, Founder of Worldwide Salon Marketing

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Get a FREE 30-minute salon marketing consultation with Worldwide Salon Marketing founder Greg Milner - just complete the form at right!

Robyn Ratcliff, owner of Gabi & Ricardo salon in Bensville, NSW, doubled her salon's sales in three years as a Member of Worldwide Salon Marketing's My Social Salon program

Warning2 CAUTION: Only FIVE salons or spas accepted each month. 

From all over the world, every month more than 100 salons apply for a 30-day Test Drive of My Social Salon. Because we invest immense human and technical resources into each new Member, Worldwide Salon Marketing accepts no more than five new Members into the program each month. That way, we can ensure that each Member is given the best possible 'Fast Start' guidance to success. To be considered for Membership you MUST complete the Expression of Interest form on this page.

These salon owners also got their businesses booming because they made the life-changing decision to join Worldwide Salon Marketing - and YOU can do the same too! Click play to see them describe how their fortunes have soared...

Ashley Mills of Ashleigh Renae Hair & Beauty talks about how WSM's templates helped her   small-town salon make $6,000 in sales in just three hours.

Corinne Bull of Pure Serenity in New Malden, Surrey discusses how one-on-one support has helped her salon beat the UK recession.

Tamara O'Dowd of NRG Hairdressing in Perth, Western Australia reveals how her   new WSM-style website brings her over 200 new clients a year...

Jill Turnbull of No Worries Salon in Baltimore talks about how her smart salon app brought in $6,000 in a single day.

For salon owners who want to be booked out three months in advance, new clients calling every day, selling more retail...

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“This Done-for-You Online & Offline Salon Marketing System is Already Boosting Sales by $4,126…$7,849…even $11,566 – in as little as Four Weeks – For Other Salons, and It Can do the Same for You Too... even if you've never written a successful ad, flier, online promotion or letter in your life...!"


With the Essential Salon Owner's Marketing Toolkit™ and the My Social Salon online marketing system, you have the power to turn an ordinary salon or spa into the extraordinary business you've always dreamed of.
Read on to find out why more salon owners get their marketing tools, advice and support from Worldwide Salon Marketing than any other company on the planet.
Membership of the My Social Salon program is by Invitation Only. Complete the Expression of Interest form NOW, and we'll call you to discuss your salon marketing needs.

salon marketing online

You'll never have to stare at a blank computer screen again, wondering what to put in your ad. With hundreds of proven, done-for-you direct response advertising, flier, poster & letter templates for every salon service or marketing event you can think of, the Essential Salon Owner's Marketing Toolkit™ and the Members Only 'sealed section' website gives you the largest resource in the world for any kind of salon or spa marketing. (Just want a few templates to get started? Download the Starter Pack instantly here)

salon marketing onlineAlready have a website? Could be better? No problem - our web specialists will do that for you, no extra. Need a website? We'll build one for you, and optimize it for you so your prospects can find you right at the top of Google. Your website will be automatically 'mobile-responsive', highly optimized and frequently updated with new articles and pictures. We'll even create videos for you, and put them on your site.

salon marketing onlineEmpty chairs or rooms? Fill those empty slots instantly with special offers you can send - FREE - right to the home screen of hundreds, maybe thousands of smart-phones, with your own custom-designed Smart Salon App. PLUS, your clients can request appointments, buy your gift vouchers and much more, right within your app. All included in My Social Salon! (Just want an app built for you? That's fine, check it out here)

salon marketing onlineOwning and running your own salon business can be lonely. With My Social Salon, you get unlimited access to our Members Only 'closed-door' discussion forum. Meet and get help from some of the most entrepreneurial, successful salon owners in the world. See their actual marketing strategies, successful campaigns and advertising examples - and copy them for your own salon!

Our Member salons win Business Awards

Rachael Martin of Guys & Dolls has been a Member of Worldwide Salon Marketing since way back in 2007.

In that time her salon has grown so well that it's now being recognized in business achiever awards in her home town of Bunbury, population 30,000, in the south-west of Western Australia.

The BIG Marketing Mistakes Almost ALL Salon & Spa Owners Make - and How to Avoid Them

Greg old

From the Founder & CEO of Worldwide Salon Marketing, Greg Milner

A little west of Sydney, Tuesday 9.38am

Dear Salon Professional,

As the founder and CEO of Worldwide Salon Marketing, I love a challenge. And I face new ones every day. So I'm glad you've found this page. My challenge is to convince you to keep reading. If you do, you'll discover something about business much more valuable than mere money. If you don't, you may miss out on the opportunity to turn an ordinary salon or spa into an extraordinary business.

One that almost runs on automatic pilot, one that allows you to work ON the business instead of IN it, one that finally, after maybe years of slogging and battling, gives you the lifestyle and the freedom you deserve. After all, you didn't really get yourself into business to simply buy yourself a job, did you? But I should be straight with you - if all you've ever wanted was a little hobby business, earning a hobby income, this probably isn't for you. (In fact, if that's the case, if all you want is a few done-for-you templates to get you started, simply click here to download the Starter Pack)

But if you really want to change your life, if you're tired of doing the same things in your salon, over and over again, and getting the same results over and over again, if you really believe it's time you got the rewards you deserve, then pour yourself a cup of coffee (or wine, if you prefer), close the door, put your feet up, and keep reading. Isn't success, freedom, financial reward worth investing just the next few minutes of your time?

fade-leftfade-rightFinally, you have the power to

  • Find new clients, almost at will, simply by using carefully-worded, proven done-for-you marketing & advertising templates, even if you’ve never written a successful ad or flier in your life!

  • Get your ‘lost’ clients coming back in droves, by simply sending them one of the most powerfully-written sales letters ever developed for the salon & spa industry


  • Sell high-priced Memberships to your clients, and have them pay you cash up front, months in advance, using done-for-you promotions taken straight out of the Toolkit.


  • Get new clients finding you easily and quickly online, with a website that acts as your ‘unpaid salesperson’ and gets your phone ringing like mad


  • Watch your retail sales skyrocket as you discover the little-known techniques that get your staff ‘selling like crazy’ without them even realising they’re doing it.

  • And finally, win the lifestyle you deserve, become the business owner and entrepreneur you’ve always wanted to be, using tools, strategies and proven systems tested by more than 5,000 salons & spas worldwide…

The 8 Most Poisonous Words a Salon Owner
Can Ever Hear

You spent months, maybe years getting your salon or spa 'just right' - whole days agonizing over your business name, your logo, finding exactly the right fixtures and fittings, making sure the 'look' was perfect. No doubt you listened to advice from all kinds of people - well-meaning family, friends, your accountant, staff. You took on board so much information and data about property leasing, appointment and Point of Sale systems, you talked endlessly with product suppliers, tradesmen, graphic designers and juggled a dozen other 'crucial' decisions until...until....until your head was about to explode. 

And then somebody - maybe an advertising salesperson, maybe your sister, even the auntie of the guy who mows your lawn - but somebody no doubt said to you the EIGHT LITTLE WORDS that are the most toxic ever spoken in the same breath as 'small business'...

"You've got to get your brand out there..."

Well, as someone who has written thousands of pieces of advertising, scores of websites, hundreds of marketing emails, coached and advised literally more than five thousand salon owners all over the world, I can tell absolutely, categorically, that's the worst marketing advice ever given to any small salon or spa owner in the history of the known universe.

Think about it for a moment. Pure 'branding' or 'image' marketing is great if you're a Google, or a General Electric, or Ikea, or Loreal...all of them multi-billion-dollar companies who can afford to spend vast amounts of shareholders' money on international TV and magazine glossy spreads. (And to be honest, some of it works. If you shout long and loud enough, eventually some people will take notice.)

Sure, if you can compete with that marketing muscle, go right ahead. Hire the Goodyear blimp and fly it above the Superbowl with your salon's lovely logo all over it.

But how much have you got? Ah...600 bucks. Big problem. Somehow, you've got to find a way to concentrate your limited marketing resources on only those prospects, customers and clients who have identified themselves as likely to be interested in what you have to offer.

And that means employing the only kind of marketing any salon or spa business should set out to do. And that's

'Direct Response' marketing & advertising

Online, offline, social media, TV, radio, newspapers - it doesn't matter what media you're talking about, Direct Response marketing applies to all of them. It's a pretty simple formula, but one that most business owners have little idea about....

  • Creating a compelling offer, one that cannot be ignored, that must be responded to, that draws clients to you like a light on a dark night attracts moths….if you don’t have a great offer, with a defined limited on numbers (scarcity), then you don’t have an ad. All you have is a business card.

  • What story are you telling your prospects and clients that’s engaging, that makes them want to find out more? Are the words, phrases, images you’re using – online, on paper, wherever – are they arranged on the page or on the screen in such a way that the prospect has to keep paying attention?

  • When do you want them to call – next week? Next month? or NOW?? Somehow, you’ve got to give them reasons to call right now. One of the biggest reasons most advertising fails is because you fail to tell your prospective clients what you want them to do after they’ve read or seen the promotion.

  • And the foundation block of ANY marketing for ANY business – what’s your Unique Selling Proposition? In other words, why should people buy your service, your products, as against any of your rival salons’ services and products? (And here’s a hint: a great USP is about the customer, not about the business.)

Sound overwhelming? Don't be afraid, be excited - because you get ALL these tools, skills and support as a Member of
My Social Salon.

Listen in as Hannah McEnteggart of Oasis Health & Beauty Spa in Great Missenden, UK describes what happened when she used just a handful of templates and tools from the Toolkit....

Seen Enough? Yes, I want to talk to somebody at WSM

Don't you deserve results like Hannah? Here's what My Social Salon membership gives you....

  • The original, the only GENUINE Essential Salon Owner's Marketing Toolkit

    Delivered to your door via international couriers DHL, the Toolkit arrives in a beautifully-designed polypropylene carrying case, weighing 13 pounds, and includes

    “Marketing Made Easy” (243 Pages) – the ‘How’, the ‘Why’ and the ‘When’, including more than 150 done-for-you ads, flyers, posters and letters – written only for hair & beauty salons.

    “Selling Like Crazy” – (149 pages)  – the industry-standard in-salon sales & retail training manual, including its own sales scripts, phone scripts, answering machine scripts, all in an easy-to-read format

    More ads, flyers and letter templates in Word format on CD, so you can just edit and send to print!

    Valued at $5,000 – but included with My Social Salon
    Shipped to your door by DHL International Couriers

    Click Here to download full Contents Pages

  • 24/7 Access to the World's Biggest, Best and Most Extensive Library of Purely Salon & Spa Marketing & Sales Material

    All YOURS to plunder, all yours to profit from!

    Never again stare at a blank computer screen, wondering what to write in your ad, flier or letter. Choose from more than 1,000 done-for-you templates in Word format, simply download instantly and edit to suit your salon’s special offers, services or occasions.

    Valued at $297 a month – but included with My Social Salon!

  • One-on-One Marketing Coaching - so You're Never Alone!

    With your own Salon Coach in Australia, New Zealand, North America or UK/Europe, you’re only ever a phone call away from help, support and advice. Our coaches are all successful salon owners in their own right, as well as being intimately familiar with every aspect of the My Social Salon system.

    Regular coaching sessions with your coach keep you on the right track, help you see the ‘wood for the trees’, and keep you focused on what works, what doesn’t, and why you’re in this business in the first place!

    Total Value: $495 per month – but included with My Social Salon!

  • Done-for-You Website Marketing

    new website built for you, if you don’t have one. Or your existing website fine-tuned, improved and updated.

    1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that gets your site to the top of Google…and keeps it there!
    2. On-going articles, images and videos added to your site….all done for you.
    3. Your own YouTube channel – set up for you.
    4. E-Commerce – sell Gift Vouchers right from your website.

    Total Value $1,414 per month – all included in My Social Salon

  • Your own Smart Mobile App

    Notice how ALL your clients and prospects are staring into those little screens, all day? With your own custom-built Smart Salon App, you can send special offers to your clients & prospects on the ONLY media device they carry with them all day, every day.
    Your clients download the app to their smart-phones for FREE – they can request appointments via the app, purchase your Gift Vouchers right there in the app, they can share the app with their friends, and much more!

    Total value – $895 + $89 per month – but included with My Social Salon!
    (Just want an app? No problem, click here)

  • One company, one phone call for all tech support

    Fed up dealing with a dozen different people – web designers, graphic designers, marketing advisers? As a Member of My Social Salon, you make just ONE phone call to ONE person, for everything connected with your marketing, both online and offline. Unlimited Technical Support – call every day if you like. No extra charges. Unlimited Training – we teach you how to use your website, your mobile app and more. For as long as it takes.

So, what kind of salons join My Social Salon?

    • You're a beauty and/or hair salon, wellness clinic or medi-spa
    • You realize you just don't have the time, the technical skill or the marketing experience to do what's required to efficiently market the business
    • You're a hair and/or beauty salon, a wellness clinic or medi-spa
    • You realize that the marketing of the business is at least as important as cutting hair or performing beauty treatments
    • You just don't have the time, the technical skills or the copywriting expertise to do everything yourself
    • You want to build a business that generates income WITHOUT you being there all the time, once that almost runs on automatic pilot

    What does My Social Salon cost?

    Two options: to become a full My Social Salon member you can either

    • OPTION #1: Pay a setup/ joining fee of $1560 and then just AU$239 per week (includes personal, one-on-one coaching, guidance and unlimited technical support), approx. $US186, GBP124, 173 Euro
    • OPTION #2 (Best value!): Pay a set-up/joining fee of AU$1,560 then just AU$189/week (does not include one-on-one coaching)

    (NOTE: plus GST if in Australia.)

    "Try My Social Salon for 30 days Risk Free - if you're not convinced My Social Salon will boost sales, increase profits and bring in more clients fast, just say so and your entire investment will be refunded, no questions asked!"

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    2-67 Gorge Rd West
    Phone: 250-858-4392

    Suite 2/10 Main St
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    Phone: +618 9443 9327